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Thousands of merchants trust us to process their ACH and Electronic Check transactions and GET PAID. High Risk merchant transaction processing is a relatively complex process and should not be trusted to someone other than "true professional processors".
We also process credit cards and our services will let your business flourish in a friendly and hassle-free environment.

Why would you want to use an Electronic Check, Check21, RCC or RCPO?
Due to NACHA's rule changes in September 2015, a lot of "good companies" are being barred from using the ACH system to process their one-time and recurring transactions. Your transaction fees may by lower using Electronic Checks than ACH! Why not call us to see if eCheck Processing is "Right for Your Company"?

How High Risk ACH works:

Deposit all types of U.S. ACH transaction types. The use of ACH offers a lot of advantage consumer interfaces - PPD, CCD, eCheck, Electronic Check, Accounts Receivable Check (ARC), Point of Purchase (POP), or Back Office Conversion (BOC) in banking terms - is among the fastest growing types of ACH Applications due to its enormous benefits. Using our proprietary Internet-based ACH software transform bank transfers into an electronic check deposit. The software also stores the checking account data in a database for future research and retrieval, re-submission of NSF checks and more.

Our in-house Electronic Check experts are standing ready to help you make an informed decision to move your company's payment processing forward.

Allow us to offer and create an electronic payment processing program to provide you access to your funds in an expeditious manner. Receive Pay Merchant Services

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Quick Activation
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We offer the absolute Lowest Rates Rate Quote and faster funding than other providers
  3rd Party or Direct MID
We offer accounts to meet your needs
Fast Setup
  (In-house Risk Team
Same day fast approval & Set up
  99% Approval Rate
We offer high approval rates for legal business
  A Single System
Accounts offered for: Incorporate - Bank Account - Merchant Account -Gateway
High Risk & High Volume
Merchants who are have high volume or high risk clients are welcome
  We can help
Poor Credit history is not a reason to be refused
Multiple Payment Sources
  Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
Accept multiple types of payment cards for your offshore account
  Offshore Processing
We can set up multicurrency offshore credit card processing


  Never give up!
We specialize in merchants who have been terminated
  Real-Time online Reports
Stay on top of your business by managing real-time online reports at any time
  Virtual terminal
Real-Time processing gateway and virtual terminal provided
Accept All Major Credit Cards, ACH & Paper Check Conversion
  A Single System
Simplify your financial operations and get fast weekly settlements
Fast Settlements
  A Single System
Simplify your financial operations and get fast weekly settlements
Verified by Visa
Complete fraud scrub and "Verified by Visa"
Fraud Detection
  Sophisticated and Experienced
Use our powerful and sophisticated fraud detection system with years of experience
  Recurring and Subscription
Online recurring and subscriptions based charges are available

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